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Latina pornstar Lela Star is a school teacher who just can’t help how horny she is, and can’t resist frequently staring at one of her male students. One day after school, she finds herself alone with him, supervising his detention. It isn’t long before she begins subtly touching herself, and beginning to massage her big, sensitive tits and nipples. She catches his eye with these overt tactics, and removes her huge, round tits from her blouse. He can’t resist the advances of his sexy Latina teacher, and starts squeezing and sucking her gorgeous melons. Lela realizes how much trouble she could get into for this, but can’t stop herself from reaching for his cock. When she feels its size, she needs to have it in her mouth, and immediately drops to her knees.

Her pupil looks down to see this beautiful, horny Latina temptress swallowing his rod, and decides to enjoy the occasion. He starts thrusting his thick, ten-inch cock deep down into Lela’s throat, gently at first, then harder and more rapidly as he sees how well she takes it. He fucks her face for ten minutes or so. Looking down at her big eyes and pretty mouth wrapped around his cock, he catches a glimpse of her neatly-trimmed, irresistible Latin pussy below. He notices she’s furiously rubbing her clit with one hand, and begins to recognize her moaning, heavily muffled by a large mouthful of cock.

Wishing his friends and female classmates could see him now, he reaches down and lifts schoolteacher Ms. Lela Star up onto her desk. She keeps her high heels on, making him think she might be the kinkiest teacher on Earth. Hell, she could do hardcore porn, he thought, and she’d look good even in high definition. Spreading her legs, he makes her cum quickly with skilled oral maneveurs, then stretches her tight pussy open with the engorged head of his cock. She screams loudly as he forces himself deep inside her, and he wonders whether anyone heard. “Don’t worry,” said Ms. Star in between moans, “all the teachers are at the assembly with Superintendent Chalmers.”

Good, he thought, and started hammering away at her tight pussy with machine-gun-like thrusts, burying his cock fully inside her with each. He flipped her over and continued, making her explode into wild, overpowering orgasms again and again. By this time she was shaking uncontrollably, and having muscle spasms which caused her pussy to keep clamping down on his throbbing dick. He was fully enjoying his hardcore afternoon detention with Ms. Lela Star when he glanced at the clock and suddenly realized he was late to practice. He pulled out and blew his load all over her pretty face. He left, feeling like he had just filmed a porn movie of the hardcore variety with Ms. Lela Star.

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